Could someone show me exactly how to make a blueprint to toggle the visibility of 2 steaming levels? I am too new to Unreal to understand the answers to this I've found.


So I am making a VR experience thing for the Quest, and to switch between 2 lighting scenarios/sublevels I currently have a blueprint that says when the A button is pressed, unload one streaming level and load the other, and then a flip-flop thing to do the inverse. I will add a picture of this. The problem is that it loads it in 2 stages, like for a second you see it looking all weird, and I want it to instantly or smoothly change between the 2 levels, which I gather means I need to have them set to always loaded and then toggle the visibility of the levels.

I have been looking online for answers, and I found one on reddit that says " SetShouldBeVisible is the variable to control visibility of a streaming level." - however, I am too new at Unreal to be able to figure out how exactly this should be wired up in the blueprint, and I only have until Tuesday to finish this which is why I’m asking if anyone can do me a favour and just tell me exactly how I use this module/node and which other modules I need to connect to it.
I found some unreal documentation talking about visibility tracks, but I have no idea how to make this work with the press of a button. I have read quite a few bits of documentation and tutorials, but my knowledge of blueprints is too limited to know how to make anything like this work in my specific case.

I would be very thankful if anyone can help.

Hey @ArthurAtlas

here is an example with switching light settings via StreamingLevels (no VR): (779.4 KB)

does this help?

hello, not quite as that does the same thing as what I’ve got already, in that the levels are loaded and unloaded and there is a slight delay, as it sort of loads in 2 steps - what I’m looking to do is to have the sublevels/lighting scenarios constantly loaded and then toggle their visibility, that way hopefully the change will be instantaneous. This might use more memory but my scene isn’t very large.

Thank you very much for the response though, I’m having a hard time trying to figure this out, I’m not sure which tutorials or documents in need to looks at.