Could not open Visual Studio after upgrading from UE 4.21 to 4.22

Hey yall, was wondering if anyone experienced this issue when upgrading engine source from 4.21 to 4.22. Ever since I upgraded, when I go to File -> Open Visual Studio, I get a prompt saying “Could not open Visual Studio for project [path to sln file]”. I’m still able to open the sln file by double clicking it but I want to know what I can do to resolve this issue so that I can open it from Unreal Engine?

Are you using VS2019? if so, I think it’ll be working well with VS2017.

Hey kevinan1, I am using VS2019. Is there no way to get it working with VS2019? I have yet to update to 4.22.1 so maybe that will fix it.

Engine itself works fine with VS2019, has since 4.22, though i think some issues were corrected in 4.22.2 regarding vs2019.

Upgraded to 4.22.2 and there’s no issue when opening visual studio 2019 from the editor.