Could Blueprints be used to make a beat making program like Fruity Loops?

Would that be realistic? If not that how bout something much simple like a VST plug in that could be used in audio host?

Good o’l fruity looks. it’s seriously been decades…
If you wanted to you could, but you would probably have to create a lot of custom C++ stuff to export the results or import base sounds.
Not sure you would have much of a benefit in using unreal but if you don’t want to save/export you may be able to get by with blueprints and a lot of work…

You’d be much better off learning the JUCE framework for such a thing imo. UE4’s audio engine has come along way but is far from being suitable for a fully featured DAW. JUCE is designed for this from the ground up and offers reasonable rendering capabilities too. I’ve made a few audio based projects in UE4 and always feel like I’m fighting with it. With JUCE it’s plain sailing.

FYI…there’s also a JUCE UE4 plugin GitHub - WeAreROLI/JUCEUnrealBridge: A plugin for the Unreal engine that links the JUCE library and exposes some Unreal wrappers for JUCE classes and functionality.

I’ve toyed with this and managed to get it to work but it was buggy as hell. I didn’t feel it was worth investing time fixing it up.