Core feature logic (approach)

Hey there.

I try to figure out - what is the right logic and the right order. I see this all like Matroschka puppet and now need a little bit help, to order it correctly.

Or in other words:

Thats why i need help. I guess, i have a tunnel-view and dont see the simpler and stronger ways to do this. Maybe i’m completly on the wrong way. Maybe there is a good tutorial out there but i’ve used the wrong keywords/terms for all that stuff. Major goal for me is: Build up a good core feature fundament, so i’m not start struggleing in the end caused by dirty ways to doing it.

Hope you guys know what i mean. :slight_smile:

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Visual meaning: [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“data-tempid”:“temp_187555_1585750911529_148”}[/ATTACH]

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First off, Thumbs up for actually brainstorming and thinking through an approach openly! It’s always refreshing to see. Second, your image (Visual Meaning) isn’t showing (dead link/attachment).

Inventory -> Items -> interaction

I see inventory systems as being a data container. Completely independent from the Item classes. Items are a visual/physical representation and provide data for the inventory system.

Item class structure is dependent on your overall functionality and game mode. For example I’m developing a BR game mode. It’s loot “item” structure is vastly different compared to modes in which players cannot pick up/drop singular world spawned items. In most tdm/dm etc type modes you equip kits. It’s rare to be able to pick through a dead opponents kit and select individual items from it.

These types of abilities/functionality stipulate your item design and ultimately how your inventory system should work and what data it needs.

If you want details on my approach with BR let me know.

Hey, @**Rev0verDrive, **

thanks for that quick answer!

I know what you mean. In this case i step out of the line with a more… “share-care” mindset. Maybe one day some dude like me scroll through the forum and its helps. And for a little explaining: I checked out a lot of forumposts, websides, blogs, tutorials, discord servers and at the end i got two new informations: 1st: Nobody want to answer on that kind of complex logics because they cant or they dont want and 2nd: There are rare or just slight informations of this or ppl who do the whole process from 0 to 100. Or maybe i dont look closer. So… its like a puzzle.*1

I’m sorry. But i guess i dont get this right.

HA! Thanks for leading on the right track. Because during i wait for a answer on this post, i set up a small - very basic interaction system and stucked exactly on that spot of. On the question: Okay… from where my interactions drag the Info for: (example) Info text / What kind of interaction is it? / What mesh are now picked up and what does this mesh… and so on, and so on.

But thats the reason why i asked, about the right order. Keyword Puzzle*1. The Puzzle for me and maybe other ppl is: Okay, there are so many informations outside there. But whats the order so they fits together. Now we got the information.

**Inventory -> Items -> interaction**

During my waiting and doing the interactions menu, i updated my “visual” vision of the logic as well a bit, because you’re right. We (“The player”) want loot also from dead bodies =D

Logic Mindmap (Click)


But maybe there are other ways? I’m happy to hear some other versions from other UE4 pro’s to get this right. Maybe some… orders have more benefits or… faster methods. Let us know!