Core Engine Class overview

Hey there,

I would love to see an overview about the main engine classes, so that you can get a (comparatively) quick idea of which classes there are in UE4 and what they do.
I know that there is the API reference, but I’m thinking about an “easy read” version for the most common classes only, a high level overview.

For every major class that is of interest to a C++ programmer using UE4 I’d like to see the following questions answered:

  • What does the class represent?
  • Which are the main tasks? What do you use it for?
  • What are the properties you’d commonly use?
  • What are the functions you’d commonly use / overwrite?
  • If a function gets automatically called by the engine, when?

I think this would make the first steps for a coder with UE4 much easier. Do you agree?