Copying over Level Blueprints from Strategy Game to Shootergame

I tried to combine the two level blueprints, but it would completely crashed UE4 every time. What I was doing was attempting to copy paste the Level Blueprint of strategy game into the level blueprint of Shooter game. Once I copy paste the win/lose condition and wave 1-5 from from Level Blueprint > Eventgraph into the the Open level blueprint of Shooter game it always crashes.

I’m assuming its because of the nodes are missing but I’m not sure how to rebuild them to make it work for me.

Is there any easier way of going about this ? Like Migrating/Exporting the Level Blueprint ? preferably migrate everything associated with the Level Blueprint?

Those are C++ projects and they have some custom BP nodes i believe. That must be the cause of the crash.

How would I go about gathering the C++ script to edit/transfer over?

If you haven’t done so already, if I were you, I would go to your project folder and go to the source folder. There arethe relvant .h and .cpp files there. Migrate them over.