Copying a project doesn't really work


Copying a project around really doesn’t work. This is really useful if you like to reuse what you’ve made in different projects. Right now I have to restart each time I want to make a new project and test something different out.

This is what I’ve done:

  • Copied Shooter Game and renamed it to My Game.
  • Modified ShooterGame.uproject so “Name” now says “My Game”
  • Renamed ShooterGame.uproject to MyGame.uproject
  • Modified Config/DefaultEngine.ini so “GameName” now says “MyGame”
  • Renamed Binaries/Winxx/UE4Editor-ShooterGame.dll to UE4Editor-MyGame.dll

Then if I try to open up the project it opens up, but all assets are still pointing to Shooter Game in the old location. If I try to save a level, it goes to the Shooter Game folder instead so I guess the paths are not relative.

Are there any workarounds for this?

Hi Stefan,

You should probably delete the Intermediates directory entirely. Rerun GenerateProjectFiles.bat or use the right-click generate project files option on the .uproject file; the vcxproj/etc… do contain absolute paths.

Michael Noland