Copy/Pasting ForEachLoops intermittently broken

Lately, only in 4.5, I have seen problems when copy/pasting ForEachLoops.

I will have a ForEachLoop on the graph somewhere else with something plugged into it, and I will copy the node and paste it for re-use down the line.

The blueprint fails to compile that node, telling me it needs an array input and it’s outputs are undetermined as a result. I have also seen copied nodes keep their prior input/output variable types even if there isn’t a single thing plugged into the node. Normally the input/outputs turn grey when unplugged, so it seems like the copied node is keeping information that it should not hold on to.

In a few cases this has led to a crash when I delete the node, use the context menu to grab a fresh foreachloop, and then attempt to plug an array into it.

Refreshing the node did not help. Restarting the editor did not fix the broken node.

Seems copying anything with an Array input is having this issue. Just had a Clear node copy while keeping it’s Int Array input color which then does not allow any other type of array to input into it.

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I was able to reproduce the issue that you are experiencing. I went ahead a submitted a report to the developers (Jira UE-4911). Thank you for the information that you provided to identify this issue. I will provide updates with any pertinent information that is made available.

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Crap…same problem here…I try not to use Copy and paste due to problems they’ve had with it in the past but I figured why not tonight and copy and pasted…such luck…funny really…anyways keep us updated…Let us know if they’re any workarounds too please…