Copy and paste blueprints from a map to another.


i bought some content on the market and this is a big library etc… but i need a specific room in that library to be the exact same on my project as it is allready in the library project.

So i delete everything and keep only that room i want, CTRL A + CTRL C. Then i go into my other instance of UE where my map is open and i CTRL V in it. Ok everything is paste correctly EXCEPT blueprints… And this is problematic because no matter how i try i can’t redo it like in the library map…

SO, i got 2 questions there.

  1. How do you copy paste blueprints from 1 map to another ?

  2. If it’s not possible, my problem is on the screenshot below. I selected 2 elements, 2 BP. This is the same BP but they are different.
    If i take the left one who is doing the left angle, i can’t make it fit in the right angle by rotate it, it’s physically impossible. My question is, how did the person who did this… did this so i can make it again myself ?

Thanks !

Actually i found how he did this by adding negative value on the X scale. But still, i would love to copy paste BP ! Why can’t i do this ?

Also i wonder how you can edit 1 BP and make other BP from that bp…