Cops vs robbers arresting the robber system.

Hello, I wanted to make a cops and robbers type game, and wanted to know if someone could help me create a system that arrest the robber. So far the difficult part i run into is arresting a player. I’m going to explain more, I want it where when you have hand cuffs, which will be considered a weapon, when you go near a player with hand cuffs equipped a ui will say “arrest” with the Key you press, once you press that key, you have to old it down for 3 seconds. Once the 3 seconds are up, on the players screen it will say “you have been arrested” and the players movement will, be disabled for 5 seconds, after those five seconds the player will respawn at a random respawn, which will be inside a group of random responds and that group will be name “prison” and that’s it.

Break down: 1. Player has weapon named hand cuffs 2. weapon named hand cuffs is equipped 3. Player with weapon named handcuffs go near another player 4. Player with hands cuffs sees ui pop up on player that says “arrest” 5. Function by holding down key for 3 seconds 6. After 3 seconds are up, disabled players movement, and show on players screen “arrested” 7. Wait 5 seconds 8. After 5 seconds are up redirect (respawn) player that’s arrested to spawn. 9. Spawn is located in a group that’s name “prison” in group prison, are random spawns the arrested player will spawn at. How would I go about making that work and making the 1-9 into blue prints so it will work thanks for the help. 11.