Copied project to different computer, everything is pitch black

hi folks
i copied a project from my desktop to laptop, and when i open it, the opening level(demo level) is fine, but when i go to my persistent level that actually has all the meat of the game and all its sublevels, everything is pitch black. Any ideas of whats going on?(ue4 version is the same) i can see that all the objects are in there tho, its just 100% black.

Do you mean black black or just black or do you mean black all around, anyway the only thing that comes in my head are post-processing are you using it? Because if it lost a setting or two it can easily make everything pitch black.

Everything should be the same. I did try putting exposure much higher but no good too. I put lights and nothing. It’s very weird . I copied a bunch of times from scratch no good. I even tried migrating the project, still no good. Another thing that is weird is that in a new level(lighting works) the depth of field is extreme(everything close to the camera is blurry). And I installed all plugins in my laptop like they’re in my desktop…

Check Scalability settings? are all settings for the project the same as they were in first computer?

DirectX up to date? graphics card and processor up to date in drivers?

Sorry if the isn’t helpful but I found that I have a very similar issue sometimes as well. Mostly it seems to happen when I rebuild the lighting. I believe that it may be an issue with the camera info corrupt. Try hitting f2, f3 or f4 while playing in editor. This will disable the lighting and show if it’s a camera issue.
I’m sure you’ve tried this but delete the camera you’re using, rebuild the lighting and make another camera. Maybe this will help?