Cooking issues. Maximum limits and too many objects.


I’m currently trying to package a game but I am running into serious issues. The issues include memory usage when cooking and excessive objects. I also see logs of “cooking remaining 1280 of 8000+” which I think might be super high. I have 16gigs of ram but it seems it’s not enough. The maximum amount of objects it looks like is 100000 but I am repeatedly getting 121000 objects when cooking. What can cause this? I’m not sure what is accounted as a object. A mesh, shader, texture, or material but what else. I seen in one reddit that distance fields mesh could be a cause.

I am packaging on Ubuntu so it’s the source version of Unreal. I have several other projects. In the logs it is also showing references to a plugin and asset in another project. I migrated the levels needed to a new project wiped binaries, saved, and the intermeditate(Might be wrong). Still problems packaging.

I used the editor and frontend and it stills crashes with a sig 11 error. At times it gets to 1 of xxxx then it crashes. I even tried taking the 4.20 and making it a 4.21. That fails also with more errors do to me not having the updated source of certain plugin assets.

Any input would be a help


The last front end log is attached. Details included.

It looks like it crash around the uobjectbase get fname. The crash log is this.