Cooking dedicated server is missing assets for HISM

It seems that cooking for a dedicated server does not correctly include all assets needed in order to use HISM.

If I cook all assets for dedicated server, then build and run the server, it is not possible to add HISM instances at runtime. Well, it “kind of” does something, but is completely broken in terms of collision, and in debug mode it will cause an assertion crash. (I know adding HISM instances is not replicated, that’s not the problem.)

If I cook all assets for a regular client, then build and run the server with the client assets, all is fine. No problem adding HISM instances.

I considered this to be a bug and wanted to report it, but checking the following section in the packaging settings, it might be that some information is removed because it is “often” not required on dedicated servers.

Does anyone know about this problem, and maybe know if any of these (default) exclusions is the cause of this problem?

It will still crash even if I remove all of these exclusions, so it seems to be some additional cooking logic. Probably best to try to reproduce and write a bug report.