Conveyor system?

greetings, i have come across another issue i cannot resolve myself, and was hoping someone out there might be of assistance. my problem is i want to create a mini block builder game, however that’s the easy part, i need a convener system. and i have reference to exactly what i need, similar systems can be found in the game space engineers. below i have posted pictures of a Conveyor tube, Curved Conveyor tube and multi directional Conveyor box. i would like them to be able to be connected to each other by a simple point and click system and the ability to rotate the Curved Conveyor tube UP, Down Left or Right. all they need to do is transport “oxygen” from a producer to a tank or container of some sort.
now this is quite a big build, at least for me, i just help as i want to design this in the blueprints.
and thank you!

You could have the object target the ship and values on what to target.

Ok so i have the object check for possible values, and this determines the orientation of the object. is there a “check for” function in the blue prints.
i will look around and see what i can do, thanks for the help :slight_smile: