Converting Swing Ninja Template into LOCAL MULTIPLAYER HELP? PLEASE?!?!

I will preface what I am about to ask with this. I am new to Unreal Engine. I am coming from Unity3D.

Question: I am playing around with the Swing Ninja template and need some clarity around making this a LOCAL Multiplayer game with 4 pawns and 4 controller. How do I go about adding the other 3 Pawns/characters and character controllers to make this a LOCAL multiplayer. Straight couch multiplayer with 4 friends on the same couch kicking each others *** lol…

Can any UE experts help me with this? Thanks

Try moving the main character from spawn in-game, open the console and put in: debugcreateplayer 1, what happens?

So, I see where the character spawns “Play Start” controller. If I try deleting that, I get a message that Blue Print is using it as a reference.

Where do I find the character/pawn to drag into the scene? It’s not clear if I drag the BluePrint version of the character or the character mesh itself. The latter seems to make no sense, but I am a tad lost.

What I tried:

  1. Delete “Play Start” spawn reference
  2. Dragged Blueprint Character to scene/map

Lost Camera tracking… I’m pretty sure I missed a step or two or three, :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help!