Converting my current subscription to a student account?

Hello all, I’m currently enrolled in school in Lansing, and while I’ll definitely pass along UE4 to the appropriate people to try and get it setup school wide, if it isn’t would I still be able to signup for a student discount? If so, how do I go about that?


Hi iReddog,

Currently, we do not offer a student discount. The engine is still $20/month. However, you can subscribe for a month then cancel your subscription until you want/need a particular update. When doing so you retain access to the versions of the editor you had while subscribed.

Or of course, as you mentioned, just wait for your school to distribute free-access codes to its students.

Does this have an affect on what content we can access on the Unreal Engine websites, or does the subscription just enable us to access the store and engine content updates?

Hi scott.matthews,

Any marketplace content that you paid for prior to cancelling a subscription you will still retain access to. To get updates or other marketplace content you would have to re-subscribe. You will retain access to the forums and answerhub, however with a cancelled subscription you will lose all access to github source. You will have access to any source build that you have locally on your computer.