Converting Max Morph Animations to UE4

I’ve always done rigging and animation for rendered sequences, but I’ve just started dabbling in UE4 for character animation. I’ve gotten the animation to work, but my problem begins with Morph targets.

The lipsync works great! It was animated directly on the morph sliders. Cool!
HOWEVER, the problem I’ve been running into is with the eye animation and facial rig set-up.
The eyes are using a Look At Constraint to a circle controller.
The facial rig has controllers in a square box that drives the morph target sliders in the scene.

Is there a tutorial or way to get it to read this indirect type of rigging of morph controllers to convert to UE4?

There is a LookAt node in the anim graph, and you can connect it to a morph target using Bone Driven Controller.