Converting a regular desktop arch viz project to steam vr/htc vive

Hello everyone,
Im working on an arch viz project that I now want to convert to VR (steamvr/htc vive).

The project was started and developed as a regular desktop project in unreal 4.14

What is the best way to go about it?

Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

45 FPS.


Lowpoly everything and LOD everything…

Yes, but i meant, what is the best way to actually convert an existing project?

I’m curious about this too. Creating a new project using the vr template and migrating everything was what I did last time. Maybe it can be done more efficiently?

i dont get what u need to know… it’s just the same proyect with a MotiocontrollerPawn. :smiley:

The main problem is the performance.

Just add a VR character and make sure the performance is good enough.