Convert Transform To Relative 4.12 Bug

Looks like ConvertTransformToRelative node in 4.12 is different then in previous versions. It returns wrong values. Very easy to check.

Hi aleks_alright,

This is actually working as intended. You can see it explained in greater detail by this user here. In the meantime, we have a feature request entered to make this functionality more clear when using the node.



Thank you for the reply TJ! But looks like i cant open this link because i’m not registered in udn. Could you please provide more information on how to reach the same effect as it was in 4.10 or how to register on udn? Ive tried to link invert transfrom or composite to this node. I cant get my blueprint work in a new version. Thank you!

Ah, sorry about that. I have made a copy of that post to AnswerHub and fixed my link above.

Thank you.