Convert Mouse Location To World Space doesn't work, it's returning false. I'm using Parsec, is that a problem?

I’m currently developing a city sim game and obviously I need the mouse location in order to place buildings. It worked fine, but I haven’t worked on the project for a few days. I have a build UI where I can select the type of building I want to build, but after I click on the widget button the ConvertMouseLocationToWorldSpace return false, the world location being 0 0 0, same with the world direction.

Could this be because I’m using Parsec? I don’t remember if it worked last time I used Parsec. I’m currently away from the pc and will be for the next few days so I can’t test it from there. Does anyone know how to solve this?

The mouse input is enabled and as I said it worked before so I don’t know if I messed a setting up or not.