Convert longitude&latitude to X,Y,Z in unreal engine

I’ve imported a 3D model from City engine into Unreal.

So basically in City Engine I have longitude and latitude, but in Unreal I have X,Y and Z.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

Take a point on City Engine (Latitude, Longitude) and make my character walk into that point in Unreal Engine.

So how can I convert my Latitude and Longitude into X,Y and Z ??

both are coordinate systems so you just need to figure out what 1 degree latitude is equal to in unreal units (centimeters)and compensate for scale. then you will need to determine any needed offsets due to placement differences.

for a really quick and dirty way to measure the difference import your city then go into top view which will give you a wireframe orthographic view, from there use the measuring tool to measure between two known latitude points.