Convert LANDSCAPE to blueprint class?

I would like to convert my landscape to a blueprint class for later uses but if I do that, the landscape just disappear from the newly created blueprint. My guess would be that only actors can be converted (like the infobulle seems to say) but I have no clue on how to proceed from there.

Can anyone lead me into the correct direction?
thank you.

Quick answer? You can’t (hasn’t been implemented)… But upvote that if you want to see that feature added. So what can you do meantime to work around this? Convert landscapes to meshes. Search for posts on this as its more involved than a quick answer here. Maybe try out one of the free voxel plugins too, to see if they work inside a BP. Post back findings! :wink:

yes, I was trying to convert it to a mesh since I posted this, by doing File → export selected. But the collision was messed up once the asset was reimported (I’m sure that I did something wrong in the process :upside_down_face:, I’ll take a deeper look later).
As for voxel plugins, I would rather keep a tight control over the landscape to avoid issues.
I’m doing handcrafted environments and would prefer to keep it simple.

So yea, I guess the only way of solving this for now is to do like UnrealEnterprise said.
Highlight your Landscape → File → Export Selected → Reimport → Edit the mesh → and finally “Use Complex Collision As Simple” to regenerate a precise collision. (or create your own collision into a modeling software for better performances)

And there you have your landscape into a static mesh that you can then convert into a blueprint class.

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