Controls after changing camera


I’m changing camera from a 3rd person camera attached to a boom to a camera attached to the gun my character is holding. I’m using the “Set view target with blend” node to change cameras.

The changing of the camera is nice and good, but vertical controls go out the window when I change camera position.

I can turn, walk and run just fine. But it ignores vertical input on the mouse for some reason. The input is there, but isn’t passed to the animation Blueprint for some reason, and that means the animBP isn’t applying the aim offset.
As soon as I revert the camera to the original position, the aimspace is applied and I snap to where I was supposed to be looking.

I hope someone understand my problem :slight_smile:

I am not sure if this will solve all but your camera movement is relative to your camera boom, when you attach it to your gun it is relative to, or gun or character. I personaly would try to attach camera boom to gun and set camera 0.0.0 to camera boom and see if it works fine or if it solves only mouse movement and not anim bp trouble or not ^^.

I did try attaching a boom to the gun as well, no luck. No change at all

Ok then relative is the same trouble for camera boom :-(. Sorry for bad idea. Did you try a second camera ? Or maybe, a tick with socket offset location update and added to camera loc.

I’m not comfortable doing a tick update on camera transform… it will probably work, but it can’t be the right way to do it.
It’s a solid suggestion though, might have to do it until I find the right way.