Controlling where mesh’s are initially placed in Viewport

We are building a very large open world game. The problem is, every time I drag a mesh from the content browser into the viewport, it appears very very far away from the location I actually need. I have to go through the headache of dragging it the needed location. Is there anyway to control the location where meshes initially appear in your viewport/map?

You have to drag the mesh ONTO something when you pull it into the viewport :slight_smile:

Also meshes keep their relative location to the 0,0,0 coordinate in the 3d modelling tool used to make them, so make sure when exporting a model from the 3d modelling tool it is located on the 0,0,0 coordinate…

There’s a distance based control for it in Project Settings. I don’t remember exactly which category, but it’s contextual so probably Rendering or something associated with meshes / content. It is for setting how far from the viewport camera it appears, so 200 would be 200 Unreal units, which is kinda close to the camera.