Controlling Scan Tension

I work for a company that uses primarily scan data. Is there a way to control scan tension when registering scans? Or is it just auto registration?

The sample project I’m working with is reporting a 17.50mm focal tolerance, but our standard is under 5mm for an exterior scan project. 

I’m new to this program, so I might be missing something.


Thanks for your response

Dear bbreslow,

in RealityCapture we use different algorithms for laser scans registration, therefore we do not use tension parameter. In RC each scan is converted to 6 .lsp files which represent cameras that create a cube. The .lsp files are then treated as images. The value 17.5 mm you can see next to the each .lsp file defines the optics of that virtual camera and specifies the field of view, i.e. 90 degrees for each camera. 

In our software you can improve the quality of registration by using control points and distance constraints.