Controlling animation blendspace with the trigger axis

Hello, I’m working on a short VR experience that requires the player to close/open their hands with the grip or trigger on the oculus controller.
I have created a 1D blendspace that starts with the hand open, and ends with it closed. How can I set up the trigger axis so that when the trigger is not being pressed the hand is open, but when it’s pressed it transitions to closed?


It took literally all day but I eventually found a solution that got the results I wanted and didn’t use the animation blueprint or blendspaces at all.

Here’s how I did it: Note: I’m a complete blueprint beginner so it’s probably possible to optimize and this method probably has drawbacks.
This was in the actor blueprint for a 3D hand I made- basically, whenever the input key is held down it registers as true which plays my animation “hand close”- that hand stays closed until released and then it plays my other animation “hand open”. Each time this resets the other so you can close the hand again, then open the hand again, etc.


The animations I made for this were of the open hand curling into a fist, and a separate animation of the fist uncurling back to the open hand.