Controller Rotation Yaw: to use or not to use?

Hi, I’m making a character that works for both VR and non VR gameplay. that means I can control it with a gamepad and motion controllers aswell.

normally, using a screen and a gamepad, I have controller rotation yaw enabled, otherwise the character won’t follow the direction I’m looking at.

the problem occurs when I put a VR headset on. when looking around, the character moves a bit while I turn my head. so I have to disable controller rotation yaw. doing so it works, however if I have the VR headset on AND I’m using a gamepad, when I turn around using the gamepad thumbstick, my characters hands won’t turn with it. in other words, using the stick will turn my character’s head instead of the whole body, and my hands won’t turn because they are attached to the body (VR origin in this case).

it’s odd because even though supposedly I’m just turning my head, the character will follow the head direction when moving forward, even though my hands were attached to what is the front side of the body.

how can I set this up properly?

For VR always disable it. The controller follows the head rotation so the pawn will also spin to follow and this the controllers feel like they are glued to your headset. And you’ll want to add your own rotation code to the pawn even if you are already using the firstpersoncharacter template (and then unhook the "addcontrollerrotation” node)(should be “add pawn rotation”).

If not VR then it’s up to per-use cases where you might program a lot of movement into the controller and you might want the pawn to follow it’s rotation. In the case of a top-down controller you wouldn’t use controller rotation. Etc. Even those instances can be flipped on their heads if you start encorporating camera controllers. Anyways, if your are not well versed in its use, just tick the box and see if it helps.