Controller Mapping Jumbled?

OK, so I’m currently experiencing a strange issue with my controller mapping in my project. I’m still fairly new to unreal, so apologies if I’m just doing something stupid lol. Basically I moved a project file from my pc to my macbook pro as I was heading out of town and wanted to take my project with me. So now I have this project open, and whenever I plug in my controller (Drivers should be fine as it functions in other games), the viewport camera starts ascending into the heavens and I am unable to make it stop. When I actually start testing the game all of my control mappings are jumbled. Punch is jump, jump is crouch, etc. I have checked my input mappings and they are all still the way the should be. This has gone beyond my limited experience with this engine and I can’t seem to find anyone with a similar issue. And advice would be appreciated.

Does anyone know what I could do here? I’m on a bit of a time crunch and I haven’t had any luck with getting answers. I’d really appreciate an advice.

Still dealing with this issue, if anyone has any ideas for what I could do I’d love to here it.