Controller input not working for BP in 4.9.2?

I’ve done this many times it seems.

I recently updated to 4.9. i have a blueprint that is a pickup, a trigger that when insides the player can pickup item.
The blue[print at event begin play enables input for the player character and controller as I always have.
Then if inside a bollian variable is turned on and turned back off if character leaves the trigger volume.

I have a key event, “L”. to print string for testing purposes. if boolian is TRUE print.
Nothing happens. In facet, No matter what the BP does NOT read my input.

Has something changed? this was always very simple.

I have not had any issues with this for 4.9, If you are using the key even L itself then there would be any issues with the Input ini file being reset. However I would recommend for testing purposes setup an Event Tick that will print the string if at any point you enter the trigger area.
Not sure how exactly you have the trigger area setup but if you are using something along the lines of “Actor begin overlap” then I would suggest adding a breakpoint to it and see what happens when the character goes inside.

The trigger works fine.
For instance…Let’s see inside this blueprint I have it to where if “L” is pressed you hear a sound. No matter where you are. just for testing purposes.
In the blueprint like i said, i’d set it to key L event to trigger the sound. And at event begin play I would have the player controller and character plugged into a ENABLE input. Just like i always have. And i’m getting nothing. No matter what I have setup it’s not reading the player input. Could it be the indexes? They’re both set to 0…it’s never had to be changed before.

Does anyone have an idea if something has changed? It’s the first person template.