Controlled Floating Ship (Pawn?) - How to add input and movement to a floating ship blueprint/pawn ?

I want to have several floating islands that just hover in the sky, however i want for the player to be able to move onto a ship that is next to a floating island and then move around the sky the same way that a plane would . I cant quite figure out what is the method to use or where to start. I dont think i want to use the physics thruster, as i want movement to be in all directions not one and fairly accurate. Another option is to simply add location onto the current location of the ship whenever the ‘w’ button is pressed (for example), however i feel that this is not the best idea either. I am not sure if i can create a new pawn blueprint, add the ship mesh, and then add some controls so that when a player presses a button, they possess the ship pawn and then can move it in the sky the same way that i can move the player when he is walking on the floor (however i am still not sure if this is the best method, as it means the player has to always be possess the ship pawn if they want it to move, they cant un possess and then go walk around the ship).

Ideal situation would be, the player (pawn) can run onto a floating ship that is next to a floating island, they can then walk up to some controls and set the direction (maybe with a wheel) and then set forward/upwards movement, the ship will then move on its own and the player can carry on walking around the ship doing other things.

Thanks in advance.

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A hunch I have is that you can try disabling gravity and giving the players a mean to input coordinate, then have forces bring the ship to it’s destination.