Control Rig parenting issue

Dear Community,

I have been working with Control rig for a bit, I have a custom rig which is an exact copy of the UE4 mannequin in terms of bone structure and I have recently finished the rigging process on the bones, I have added, control spaces where they should be as well as the controls. I have set up all the IK’s in the rig graph, but I am running into an issue with one of the controls.

The issue is that one hand is functioning as it’s supposed to, but the other hand functionality up until the palm but leaves the fingers and bones in place.

Control Rig issue - YouTube

This is the overview of the rig graph for the hands:
And here is the Rig Hierarchy
I have looked at the issue with several experienced animators and UE4 veterans, but none where able to figure out what the issue was with the rig.

Can anyone from the Control Rig team or maybe someone who has more experience with the feature shine some light on this issue?

Thank you in advance