Control Rig Parameter Issue (4.25.0)

I’m currently experimenting with grabbing and pulling a character’s bone at runtime by utilizing the Control Rig.

At runtime, I tell the Control Rig which bone was grabbed via the parameter in the image below:


When first set, the works as intended and I can pull that bone with the expected IK response.

However, when this parameter is modified, the “Effector Bone” is not updated in the Control Rig. Though I’ve confirmed that the parameter is being updated in the Anim BP, the Control Rig still snaps to the old bone parameter value.

I tried resetting the parameter several times during play and flipping the Control Rig on and off in the Anim BP with no luck.

Is there something I’m missing when setting the parameters or is this a known bug?

Thanks in advance!

Hi EngineerDveloper,

I’m working on something similar too: I’d like to manipulate bones from a character at runtime, create a pose and save it to a csv file.
Do you have any advice, recommendation, tutorials… to give me? I’m new at UE4 and any help will be really appreciated!
Thank you!

Hey Xeilaxtu,

At the moment, I’ve put my Control Rig work on pause until it becomes more stable.

That being said, I haven’t had a chance to try the 4.26 version of the Control Rig yet, so they may have ironed out some of the bugs.

Regarding saving poses during runtime, you should take a look at UE4’s Pose Snapshots.

Hope this helps in some way and good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you EngineerDveloper! I’ll look into the Pose Snapshots.