[Control Rig] Bones misplaced when connecting FS to rest of the rig

Hello everyone,

I’ve been playing around with Control Rig to see if I can do animations in UE4 instead of Blender. So I’ve looked up Control Rig, and followed along the sample project with the two mannequins. This might be an easy solution but I’m honestly very new to rigging and animating…

I have a custom skeletal mesh that I’ve imported but it uses the same skeleton as the UE4 Mannequin.

Currently I’m encountering an issue with the bones being misplaced if I connect the Forwards Solve to the rest of the blueprint rig. I’ve attached screenshots to show what I mean.

This is without Forwards Solve connected.

This is with Forwards Solve connected.

It’s hard to tell but the bones with the bone names: twist in it like upperarm_twist or thigh_twist, etc… are all misplaced, everything else seems to be fine. I’ve basically copied over the rig blueprint from the Control Rig mannequin project sample. Including all the controls and spaces (I’ve manually adjusted them afterwards)

Would anyone know why that is?

Thank you!

Alright, I figured it out, the Basic IK node had the Primary Axis and Secondary Axis modified, probably due to the copy and paste from the Mannequin control rig. After adjusting them the bones moved back to their original position.