Control Point Displacement in Orthophotos

I guess that with the new automatic CP-placement help, a small bug has been introduced.

Now, the control points on any orthophoto I have created (newly) are displayed slightly shifted from their real position. Old ones seem to be unaffected. In the attachement, the ortho is on the top left, the rest are cameras…

Hello Götz,

I tested this on some of our datasets but did not encounter this issue. I added GCPs in local Euclidean coordinate system.

Do you have this issue with all your projects? Can you please give me more detailed reprosteps so that I will be able to reproduce it? Thanks.

Hi Zuzana,

this is the first project I did with the newest build. As to the repro steps, I am not certain what triggered it. I still need to figure out if the CPs are just displayed at the wrong spots or if the orthophoto is shifted in 3D space. I will put it into CAD to check against the survey data. Later today, I should be able to finish the same project but with differently developed images, so then we can see if it was something peculiar or if it happens regularly. I will get back to you as soon as I have new info…