Control desktop build using mobile build

Hi everyone,

Im looking into making a desktop build with an environment with dynamic content that can be altered using a GUI only app on a mobile device.
My initial thought was to set it up like a multiplayer game. I have set my online subsystem to null.
On the desktop version I create a network session and then on the mobile version I search for all sessions and connect to index 0.
To debug whether or not this was working I have debug strings printing when the session is created and when the mobile version connects on their respective screens, all of which happen successfully. I then call an event from the mobile version that is set to run on the server to debug a message. This message is only shown on the mobile version.

For a start, is this the correct approach to this and is it even possible to network cross platform?
Secondly, can anyone suggest something that I’m doing incorrectly?
If it helps, I can post some screenshots of my blueprint setup when I get to my development machine.

Thanks in advance


As far as I am aware you should be able to do cross platform multiplayer with unreal but you may need some extra configurations in there to make it happen, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information around about it to be honest.

The other alternative that you could do is to create your own “multiplayer backend” that is simply a REST API, this should handle all platforms and you can just use the VaRest plugin to take care of it.

I’m not familiar with REST. Is it a method for storing variables in a database?
How efficiently could this check constantly? If I wanted an action to happen instantly would I have to check every frame?



REST is a method for communicating information between places essentially.

There is no socket or PUB/SUB model built into unreal to handle receiving new information so you will need to do a check for new information yourself, probably doesn’t need to be per tick but maybe 10th of a second or so depending what you are trying to achieve.