Control cursor/crosshair with right gamepad stick (BP)

Hi there,
I hope you can help me out out there.
I like to create a 3rd person game where you can shoot in the direction of your mouse cursor. (Blueprints)

At the moment all works fine with mouse and keyboard but I like to enable gamepad controll as well.
My problem now is that I can´t controll the crosshair / cursor with my gamepad, I tried a lot but with no result.

I try to google the answer as well but I only found this Rama Plugin that is made for this case by a user.

I can´t believe that there is no common way to controll the cursor with a gamepad.
There are lots of needs out there like shooter or selecting items for rpg nearly every game that is controlled by gamepad need such a functionality.

So I hope that there is someone out there who can help me to controll the cursor by gamepad (not in a widget)
and based by blueprints.

Thx a lot for reading, hope there is a genius out there who can help me out :slight_smile: