Control camera in Character when it's possessing a Pawn?

So I have a “mount” Pawn, and can mount it with my player and move around just find using WASD. I also have it set up so the Pawn doesn’t take over the Character’s camera, so that’s maintained when possessing.

However, I can’t actually control the Character’s camera component view by moving the mouse when the Character is possessing the mount Pawn - even passing the input events through to the Character isn’t working. I’m guessing that the Pawn gets control of the camera, but due to me setting the Character back as the view target, it’s not getting that input passed to it.

Anyone know of a quick fix for this?

The desired behavior is basically to be able to possess the pawn and make it move with WASD but retain normal left/right/up/down camera look via the mouse.

Edit: Figured out a workaround, which is to allow the Pawn to take over the view, and simply create a new camera, and attach it to the player’s mesh or whatever you’re doing as normal right before you call Possess.