Continuous Integration or Dedicated Build Server

I was working on a project happy go lucky until one day I realise the project doesn’t build on one of my target platforms anymore.
Turns out it hadn’t been able to cook for that platform for a while because of some URL and dependency errors.

This resulted in the loss of a pretty bit of work and it took a while to track down when the problem started.

Enter the need for a dedicated build server!
On a past project, there was a build server that cooks and prepares the game for Xbone, PS4, PC.
Is there anything similar that has been done for Unreal Engine?
Sorry if this has been answered before, had trouble finding things online.

We use Jenkins and source control to build our Dedicated Server and Client, but we’re only developing for Windows.

It seems likely that you could set Jenkins up to build for multiple platforms.

Do you think your team would be willing to share the Jenkins Pipeline you use?
If not, I’m glad to hear that Jenkins should work well!