Context Sensitive doesnt work

so I have a Light and want to do some toggle visibility on/off switch.
When I select the Light and go to blue print editor -> RHT-click -> toggle visibility typed in,
the point light node doesnt get connected to the toggle visibility.
Only the toggle visibility node comes in.
Am I doing something wrong here please help.

As far as I know, Context Sensitive doesn’t references assets that you have selected outside of the blueprint, it’s just for getting valid from from an already selected node. What you can do is inside your Blueprint click the “Add Component” button and then add a light component. This will create a reference to that inside the blueprint like any other variable that you can get and do stuff with. Then you can place it in the level where you want it.

You making this in level blueprint. Its better to make an individual blueprint cause you can later replicate it how maany time you like and each one is independant.

1: Make new BP “actor type”
2: Pace a bulb/light
3: Place an colision box
4: Now go to eventh Graph an there you will have your light reference on the left wwith all bp components
5 :Crete an on being overlaped event and with that enable input with any button/key you desire
6: And make toggle visibility event with the light when you press the key.

There are oficial epic video
If need any extra help just ask btw the wvideo on top is very well explained

Thank you for explanations guys.
I got it working according to the youtube video.
thanks alot.