Content Examples - Reflections 24-30FPS

Ultra bad performance in the Reflections 24-30FPS demo map from the Content Examples.

24-30FPS with:

  • GPU 780GTX 3GVRam DX11
  • 16G Ram
  • CPU i7 4770K 3.5Ghz

1.6 - Scene Capture Cube (Dynamic) - in killing the performance (eat all FPS)

*Without Dynamic shadows + Deferred Light this give 90-100FPS
The deferred lighting over here have super bad optimization.
Deferred Lighting Off = ~95 FPS
Deferred Lighting On = ~26 FPS
~70 FPS of difference with 5 lights in the scene…

24-30fps is actually not bad for that level, on my GTX 980 back in the 4.5 version of the Content Examples was getting ~20fps.

Big reason is multiple scene capture actors, with the cube causing a huge performance decrease. I have used them in other levels without seeing such a severe performance impact, and have a feeling this issue is due to multiple capture actors capturing each other (overlapping).

4.7 saw an increase to the performance of capture cubes, and as you noted turning off Dynamic shadows and Deffered lighting has a huge effect. But I am pretty sure this example level is always slow like this due to the way it is set up. :slight_smile:

Is a simple map with only 2 capture actors, and you get the same 24-30FPS removing the 2D capture.

What do you mean when you say “Deffered Lighting on/off”?

UE4 uses Deferred Rendering. Do you mean dynamic lighting or shadows, perhaps?

Is in the options of the Scene Capture Cube a checkbox:
Select the camera of the scene capture, then in the properties -> Scene Capture -> Advanced Show flags -> Deferred Lighting turn on/off