Content browser: wonder how I managed to mess this up?

I hope someone can explain to me how all of this makes sense :). I have a little test project I have been messing with, and I had originally placed my folders for materials, textures, etc., under a “Landscape” folder. Seemed to make sense at the time, but later I realized I would want to further separate these assets under a “Terrain” folder. So, in the content browser I created a folder Landscape/Terrain. I then selected the Landscape/Materials, Landscape/Resources, and Landscape/Textures folders in the content browser and dragged them to Landscape/Terrain. In the pop-up I clicked “Move to here.” In the content browser after the operation I saw this:

Ok, not what I expected. Landscape/Resources, which was empty, didn’t move at all. The other two appear to have moved, but left the original folders behind. No problem, I’ll just delete them. But apparently I can’t. If I try to delete Landscape/Materials it appears to succeed but nothing changes. If I try to delete Landscape/Textures it complains about existing references. Hmmm. Maybe the textures are still in the original folder? Nope.

Well hopefully they are in the new folder! Yep.

Ok, so then what do the references look like for the original folder?

Apparently the editor thinks the textures are still there, even if the content browser thinks they are not. What’s in the new folder?

EdGraphNode_References, apparently. I’m not sure what these are. I can guess, but the possibilities that come to mind make me weep and my wife and children are concerned when that happens, so I have given off speculating. I suspect I have failed to follow some rule, such as “Never, ever move folders in the Content Browser… ever!” but I’m not sure.

If there is a way to clean this up and anyone knows it, that would be awesome. I’m recreating this project and I would like to migrate these assets without all the mysterious indirection and duplication.

Hi Markbnj!

that wierd drag/drop behavior is a known bug which will be fixed in 4.8. See

As for the EdGraphNode_References. I guess they are redirectors. If you move content it will be replaced by redirectors so that your other content that references the moved content get redirected :slight_smile:
Also… you can clean up those redirectors by right-clicking on your content folder (root-node in contentbrowser) and selecting “Fix up redirectors in Folder”.

Thanks a ton, ! The “Fix up redirectors in folder” option took care of the issue. I’ll avoid dragging and dropping folders in the content browser until the bug is fixed.