Content Browser Icons are very very dark

Not sure what’s going on, but it’s something I’ve noticed in a project that I’ve been working on for both 4.14 and now 4.15 (forward rendering).

But my Content Browser icons are showing up very very dark. This is particularly frustrating for materials.

You can see in the example below; there’s one that’s okay, the rest are very dark.


Any ideas?

Nothing? Any help on this would be hugely appreciated. It’s odd I can’t find any info.

I expierienced the same thing. The forward renderer makes the preview dark.

What I could find about the forwrad renderer in the 4.14 realease notes (excerpt):

Soooo, my guess was that the preview scene from which the thumbnail is captured is hitting one or more of the unsupported features ???

in the static mesh editor there are settings for angle from where to view the static mesh and settings. try looking there if it happens for static meshes. for materials maybe see if the lighting setting is set to lit in the viewport of the material editor.

I had the same problem but when I changed the Project setting :

Engine->Rendering Overrides->Force all skinned meshes to recompute tangents = True

the icons brightened up.