Content behaves strangely after Publish to Windows 64bit in Development

Hi guys,

I’m having an interesting problem, not sure if its just a config thing or if I’ve done something wrong somewhere…

I made a video, please check it out

What happens is, some trees/plants are missing a their materials/textures and when moving away a certain distance from the plants/trees…etc… they become triangle ghosts…i.e… black triangular shapes…

Now, the terrain I made myself using World Machine, but the plants/trees are from an Asset Store Package made by Epic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Looks like it has todo with LOD and distance settings, maybe inside of each object or at world settings, just guessing here…

I agree with Unit23. This looks to be a your lowest LOD (billboards) not having a material applied.

Open the static mesh or meshes that are causing the issue and look at the lowest LOD to see if the correct material is applied.