Contain and Spill Wine

Everything you need about wine or any liquid you may want to poor ! Santé !

Pour it, spill it, fill glasses, watch the liquid inside a bottle or just use the fall blueprint / emitters in your level !
By default (can be unchecked), If the liquid touches the ground instead of a container, a “splatter” is spawned, oriented from the hit normal.
Of course, because I like simple stylized graphics, the assets are available in realistic and stylized versions. :wink:

Technical information :

Features :

  • Bottles, glass, jugs and liquid inside.
  • Liquid emitter blueprint with realistic and stylized modes.
  • Realistic and stylized Wine barrels with animated valves and Liquid emitter control.
  • When bottles fall hard, cork pops and liquid is poured.
  • Jugs and barrels use the liquid emitters to fill the glasses.
  • Fully customizable blueprints and glass, liquid materials.
  • Materials instances examples.
  • Bottles are available with and without labels, Labels that can be easily replaced by any square texture.

1 Demonstration | Documentation map
15 Commented Blueprints
4 emitters
2 skeletal meshes and animations to open | close valves
24 Textures
29 Materials, 15 instances
27 Static Meshes

Target platforms : Windows, Mac, Linux, Gaming consoles

On Unreal engine Shop : Toon Shaded Stylized Tower + Blueprints in Environments - UE Marketplace