Constructor changes not reflected after engine restart

Hi. I’m brand new to Unreal development, and I’m seeing this annoying yet basic C++ issue. I have created a simple pawn using UFloatingPawnMovement, and I have placed it in my scene. I’ve been playing with bUseControllerRotationYaw in the pawn’s constructor to see its effect. However, after cleaning the solution, recompiling it and restarting the engine several times, the changes are not reflected in the scene. The only way to update my changes is to delete the pawn from the scene and add it back. Surely, that is not expected engine behavior? Note that I’m using Unreal 4.23.0 and VS 2019 16.7.3.

We’ve found code changes are not guaranteed to propagate to level correctly 100%. If you are early in development expect to periodically replace things in the map.

That’s too bad, but thank you!