ConstructionScript graph is too minimalist

The editor graph is useful when you want to create procedural mesh or bind actor properties to complex stuff.

But the system is too simple in my opinion, there is only 1 event raised which informs you that ‘something’ in your actor has been updated.

Think of an actor ‘Grid’ with 3 properties : Width, Height and Color.

When you update the width or the height of the grid, it should naturally update the procedural mesh, but when you want to change the color of the grid there is not need to update the mesh, you only want to update the material of it.
Same when you move the actor in the editor, it has no sense to change the color of the material or rebuild the mesh.

It could be nice to have an event for each existing property of the actor that is triggered only when the corresponding property has been updated. The event may also pass some parameters, such as the previous value of the property and its current value.

With an advanced (which is not that advanced actually :>) system like this, you will be able to split the work needed by your construction script, and avoid expensive process when it is not needed.

That seems like it makes it much more difficult and error-prone for designers to create procedural content. Are you seeing problems with performance of your Construction Script?