Construction Kits for Unreal 4

Hello Everyone

Does anyone know off any Construction Kits for Unreal 4 or any format “3DSmax, Maya, FBX, textures or anything simular”

Here is an example


Additional video links:

If you are looking for pre-made sets of models to purchase that you can use to put together a level, have a look at the Marketplace tab of the UE4 Launcher, there are a few options to choose from there.

Is that what you are looking for?

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Probably you will find some packages on:


Otherwise you will have to create your own ones :slight_smile:

In case you had an idea about the Unity3D](://unity3d/) Game engine
I suggest to visit Unity Asset Store](https://www.assetstore.unity3d/en/#!/category/0/page/1/sortby/popularity)… where you will find many Models Packages; but not sure if there are modular construction parts (shown in the first video)
I encourage for that because Unity models packages are FBX files which UE4 deals with friendly :slight_smile:
Good Luck
I found something similar to what was shown in the first video… It is (Top-Down Interiors); You can find it at the Marketplace for 60.00$ price :slight_smile:
Similar Price at the Unity asset store… Top-Down Interiors](https://www.assetstore.unity3d/en/#!/content/18139)

Construction kits are a double edged sword. For instance, a city kit that has generic buildings = good idea. A FPS kit that includes characters = bad idea. Why? Everybody who is too lazy to learn to model will buy the FPS kit and they’ll all have games that look exactly alike and spend endless hours wondering why these games don’t sell. I used to work with Unity until I found one of the dedicated sites where 60% of the games were zombie shooters, all using the same few assets.

Kenny thats why Im not buying kits off market…To much people using same assests… I think stuff like Rocks,textures,crates,ummmm stuff like that is ok because its hard to notice but houses and chars…It wont work…

@ - It should be fairly obvious but some folks don’t get it. And it’s sad to see it happen but most indie games these days are copies of other games. I’ve seen more than a few dozen Angry Birds clones, and a ton of games that came right out of a book. It’s like all the GPS apps - that’s the first thing you learn to make from a mobile programming book so everybody tries to sell it never realizing that there are a zillion of them. To have that happen here would be a travesty. It’s one thing to use someone’s blueprints, or even a house but to buy a character is a sin as far as I’m concerned. I’ve even considered some of the guns but my project is a sci-fi game so that wouldn’t really fly as it would be obvious. Art is about individuality, and a good game is a work of art - if you’re just trying to make a buck you’ll never succeed.

I agree!! Took words out of my mouth…Blueprints yes thats sharable with no notice …And guns we have that is real that could be copyed too But I agree 80% of stuff is Art…Everyone needs to start dreaming more…Create things no one has seen before