Construction Blueprint material and rotation questions

I was playing around with the construction blueprint in the examples and I had a couple of questions. First; when I rotate the construction mesh that gets built in my scene, only the “cloned” meshes rotate, not the base mesh. How do you get around that? See screenshot.

Secondly; is there a way to apply a material to the entire “cloned” group, not just the base mesh? As you can see from the screenshot the material is identical on each cloned item, thus the tiling issue.


the template from content example has some sort of bug that expect you to not rotate the geometry.
You can fix it easily however, by change the starting index of the loop to 0, and at the beginning of construction script, after setting newmesh, you can set fenceStart’s visibility to false.
So hide the original and “clone everything” should fix rotation bits up.

For second part, you’d have to have a material that has an offset to begin with, and all the spawned object can then be assigned with a dynamic material with proper offset.
if your mesh material is purely UV texture based, then you are out of luck, try adding some procedural texture that can break things up in your material.