Constraints not centered in Skeletal Mesh

I’m learning how to create characters overall. Currently I got stuck at the physics asset, more specifically - the constraints.
The axis for all of the constraints are at the wrong end of the bone. As in the example, the constraint located in the knee has the axis in the pelvis. I suppose the axis and the constraint should be located at the same place.
This situation doesn’t let me rotate the constraint correctly to not let the knee bend forward, since the constraint gets offset out of the leg.

Please, what could be the problem?
My guess it’s something in Blender. I learned most of it on my own or from several critical seconds of tutorials, so even though I probably do things mostly right, there are several critical details done wrongly.

I’ll be grateful for any help.

Finally works!
Those damned 0.01 units. Firstly it didn’t work after scaling up the character because I forgot to apply all transformations.

The complication seems to be solved.