Constrain a physics actor

Do you have CCD enabled in the Ball collision section? If it’s moving to fast it may simply go through the ground/walls/ceiling, but CCD will eliminate that problem.

Plus you can enclose the area with an inivisible wall that will ignore anything save the ball.

In my project, I have a blueprint Actor ball and “simulate physics” is on. My problem is: some times the Blueprint Ball will bounce to fast and disappear in the map. What I want to achieve: I want to Limit my physics actor in a certain region. what should I do to constrain a physics actor without using physics constrain in actor blueprint?

Have a look at angular and linear damping. Let’s you play with the physics ie forward and vertical momentum (linear damping) and rotation/spin (angular damping). This can be set at runtime if needed, maybe distance based. Can have a lot of fun with that.

What the other guy said too, invisible barriers and whatnot.